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About us

Companies are made by the men who work for them to affirm day by day their own ideas of Business. We believe in partnership, we believe in collaboration to support our customers to their path to success. We work hard every day to search solution to add value to our customer's products by a continuous interaction among our enthusiast staff and our partners worldwide. This dynamism is generated from the interaction between the profound knowledge of the two founders and the competence of technical staff and the international co-operators who have an extensive experience in different application, making up the world of plastic. We produce additive masterbatch to add an invisible touch of innovation to our customer's products and drive them to success.

“We search Solution to add Value”

Key of success

The growth that has marked the history of Ultrabatch from the beginning, is the result of ongoing investments in the production process that have created a cutting-edge Technology and the company's flagship. On this soil we sow the deep market Knowledge, partnership with both Suppliers & Customers and the teamwork among Ultrabatch staff and Sales Network to gather tailor-made and flexible solution.

Company history


    Estabilishment and starting production activities


    Lab. improvement and starting international collaboration


    Open new production facilities


    The company invested in a new production plant


    Kick automation plant for production


    Significant international commercial agreements


    Strat up of a new production line


    Significant improvement of our laboratory equipments


    Fulfill the total automation of processing system