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PE, PP and other plastic film tend to stick together, often making difficult to separate film layers.
Problems also occur when plastic films are wound onto and off film rolls !
This adhesion between the film layers, usually called BLOCKING, is an inherent property of same polymers as LDPE, LLDPE,PP,PET,EVA and PA.
The nature of blocking is not fully understood, but the most accepted theory is that low molecular weight factions or waxy additives produce an adhesive layer at the film surface. A certain force is needed to separate the film layer from each other , called anti-blocking force.
ANTI-BLOCKING additives , added to the plastic film formulation, primarily minimize the adhesion and thus, lower the blocking force between the film layers. When the right anti-blocking additive is used, film handling is significantly simplified.
Ultrabatch has a wide range of formulas, from a cost effective solution to selected particle size dimension for more critical application. Combi-batch with slip agent are widely use on market and also available in or portfolio.


Polyolefine films have a high coefficient of friction, which leads to their tendency to adhere to themselves and to metal surface during processing. To be easily converted in bags or used on form/fill/seal equipment, film must have a COF near the 0,2 level. Slip additive modify the surface properties of polyolefin and reduce the friction between layers of film and between the film and other surfaces they come into contact. Lower friction facilitates easier handling of the film in various packaging application.
Slip additives must exhibit a low compatibility with the polymer, which induces the migration, or exudation of the slip additive to the surface of the film


Electrostatic charges are generated by frictional contact between two materials. The presence of charged polymer surfaces can have serious consequences during production, forming operation and service life. By using Antistatic additive, problems caused by static electricity will be reduced or eliminated. Those problems are:

  • Dust pick up, which can ruin clarity and/or the sales appeal of items packages in plastics
  • Handling problems, e.g. mutual repulsion of bodies of same charge in polymer bead packing
  • Electrical discharge which may give electrical shocks to employees or start a fire or cause an explosion.

Bipolar molecules that migrate to plastic surface
Hydrophilic end attracts water
Water layer makes the surface conductive
In general high umidity environment necessary

Ultrabatch has a wide range of solution for different standard requirements.


All plastic material can suffer of oxidation due to various factors, such as temperature and light; consequently polymers can lose mechanical characteristics and compromise surface’s aspect.
To prevent premature failure during service life, is possible to stabilize polymers through antioxidant additives that works as follow:

Ultrabatch has wide range of solutions according to the applications and standard requirements.


polymer processing additives (PPA’s) are fluoropolymer based additives designed to improve the processing of polyolefins and other polymers.
Target Benefit

  • Melt fracture elimination
  • Pressure reduction
  • Alleviate die build-up
  • Reduce production down time
  • Improve processing of lower MI resins
  • Reduction in gel formation
  • Reduce operating pressures and amperage draw
  • increase output // energy savings
  • Operate at lower processing temperature
  • Faster color change
  • Increase gloss
  • Improve surface smoothness

Ultrabatch has a wide range of formulas according to processing temperature and extrusion process; it also available a special grade for Bio-Polymer.


In Outdoor application every polymer has its own intrinsic resistance to lights and weather, when a long service life is required Light Stabilizers have to be added in order to protect plastics from premature degradation.
The right selection of Light stabilizers system depends of various factors such as Thickness, area of exposure and Polymer used; moreover some other aspects has to considered due to the complex scenario where product could be used, for example Agriculture film application where contamination from agrochemicals can be really aggressive and affect service life.
ULTRABATCH has a complete portfolio of products developed for all the polyolefin applications; to meet even highest requirements of our customers.


In Greenhouse film and tunnels, gap of temperature during day and night is a important topic to optimized crop yields. IR Absorbers allows to control temperature’s dissipation during night time in order to provide a better protection to crops. IR Absorbers also are very important to control light transmittance (direct or diffuse) to homogenized crop growth in the greenhouse.





In agriculture application fog (water condensation on the film surface) can affect sun light transmission, or damage crops by falling of hot water droplet leading to a reduction of crop productivity.
In food packaging application fog can affect aesthetical appearance, above all freshness of food packed that leads to a food waste and shorter shelf life.
ULTRABATCH has a complete products portfolio to satisfy both Agriculture and Food packaging applications.


Polymers, virgin or recycled, can be sensible to moisture or absorb it, and humidity can cause defect during manufacturing.
Ultrabatch has an extremely high efficiency solution for various application